Post-campaign measurement is too late.

The way it’s always been done won’t cut it anymore. For years, creative has been tested before a campaign and measured afterward.

Now, leading marketers are solving this problem with TVision. Only TVision measures person-level TV viewability and attention. You won’t just know if your creative performed — you’ll how it performed yesterday, at the second-level.

What you can do with TVision

TVision provides advanced TV performance metrics. Our data is ready to integrate into your workflows so you can start improving effectiveness on day one.
Measure how well variations are breaking through.
Are your creative messages generating more attention than surrounding content?
Measure viewer attention, second-by-second.
Which parts of your creative are causing viewers to look at - or away from - the screen?
Understand and act on creative wear-out.

Are consumers still engaged with my creative?

Track historical performance.

How has creative performance changed over time?


Start measuring creative performance today.

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