TV Attention Metrics Make Your Ad Dollars Work Harder

In a world where people are constantly multi-tasking, getting consumer attention is job 1 for advertisers. TVision is on a mission to help brands optimize for attention.

TVision captures, at the person-level, exactly who is watching TV and CTV and how much attention those viewers are paying to content and ads. With TVision, you won’t just know if the TV is on — you’ll know who’s in the room and if your ad is engaging them.

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How do Advertisers use TVision data?

TVision provides TV engagement metrics that leading advertisers use in every stage of their campaigns to make their ads budgets work harder.

Stop wasting money on ads no one sees.

High attention ad campaigns deliver the same results for less than half the cost of un-optimized campaigns.

Improve the impact of your ads.

Marketers that optimize their creative based on attention dramatically increase brand recall.

Benchmark against the competition.

Measure competitors' campaigns to compare your own performance and leverage what works.

Optimize Campaigns In-Flight.

It's a real-time world; use data to make sure your ad campaigns stay relevant.

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Increase the Impact of Every TV Ad Dollar

Using Attention as a Currency Makes Your Money Go More than 3x as far.


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