A New Solution for Better CTV Planning

TVision's tagless solution provides much needed transparency and unified metrics to evaluate viewer engagement across both linear TV and CTV - including CTV’s walled gardens.

Simply define your target viewers, then see ranked comparisons of CTV media by channel and daypart.

Reports provide insight into both ad viewability and attention, as well as other key metrics critical for effective media planning such as household reach, average time spent, co-viewing rates, and content engagement.

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Solve Key CTV Planning Challenges

TVision's CTV planning platform provides much-needed transparency for the industry and saves your team time with unified planning metrics.

Apples to Apples Comparisons of Media-1
Make Apples-to-Apples Comparisons

Our single-source panel provides equal metrics for viewer engagement across both Linear & CTV.

Gain Perspective into CTV Walled Gardens-1
Gain Perspective into CTV Walled Gardens

Get independent, trusted metrics that level the playing field across all CTV media opportunities. 

Pinpoint Engaged CTV Viewers-1
Pinpoint the Most Engaged Viewers

Discover which CTV platforms have the highest viewability and attention rates for your target audience. 

Media Negotiations-1
Get Hard Facts for Media Negotiations

With comparative data across platforms, push CTV platforms to improve contextual targeting.

Answer Pressing CTV Questions

  • How should I distribute funds between Linear & CTV?
  • Which platforms best engage my target viewers?
  • Where are the highest-quality CTV impressions?
  • What is an equivalent for Primetime on CTV?
  • What creative lengths perform best within CTV?
  • Where and when are my competitors running?


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