TVision Puts the Power of Contextual Data in the Hands of CTV Advertisers

The market is increasingly allocating budget to CTV advertising, but marketers are challenged with measuring the effectiveness of these ads. Oftentimes advertisers pay a premium only to reach the same audience over and over again, offering diminishing returns. 

TVision’s CTV platform enables advertisers to make decisions that go beyond audience segments to contextual insights.  It is the first single-source, person-centric solution for streaming TV measurement across applications and platforms. With TVision, advertisers understand overall ad performance with individuals (not households) and at the content and daypart level,  in order to optimize for reach and frequency. 


How do Advertisers use TVision data?

TVision provides CTV engagement metrics that leading advertisers use in every stage of their campaigns to make their ads budgets work harder.
Eliminate Ad Waste
Find attentive audiences and reduce over-exposure and wear-out.
Make Decisions with Contextual Data
Go beyond audience segments to understand contextual behavior to find the right audience at the right time.
Benchmark against the competition
Measure competitors' campaigns to compare your own performance and leverage what works.
Move Beyond Siloed Data
Measure campaigns across streaming platforms and apps.


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