Introducing CTV Campaign Measurement

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Measure the Quality of Your Campaign Across All CTV Apps

We're proud to introduce our latest product, TVision's CTV Campaign Measurement. Our solution cuts through walled gardens to deliver insights that help marketers and publishers gauge the performance of their CTV campaigns by comparing the quality and reach of CTV ad impressions across all apps.


Measure the quality of your campaign across CTV apps, even walled-gardens

See Where CTV Campaign Viewers Were Most Engaged

TVision’s CTV Campaign Measurement provides a comprehensive look at where CTV ads ran
and the relative performance of CTV apps included in the campaign.


Compare App Performance

Make apples-to-apples comparisons of CTV apps


Measure Audience Attention

See which apps in delivered eyes-on-screen attention


Get an Accurate Co-Viewing Count

Calculate the campaign's true audience reach


Determine Incremental Reach

Quantify how CTV apps expanded the campaign's audience

TVision is Trusted By


“TVision’s CTV Campaign Measurement allows us to deliver transparent insights to our advertisers."

Rob Christensen
SVP, Global Advanced TV



TVision Provides CTV Campaign Measurement
for Both Advertisers and Platforms



Understand the quality of your campaign impressions across all major CTV apps with unifying metrics and reporting.


Prove the value of your campaigns with comprehensive reporting that enables performance comparisons and benchmarks

Our CTV Campaign Measurement
Reports on Activity Across:


All Devices

Understand how viewers access streaming content on their TVs


Hundreds of Apps

Get insight into the full spectrum of apps, including CTV walled gardens


Thousands of Shows

Identify the most popular content trends across all CTV platforms

See What Inventory Drives CTV Performance

TVision’s CTV Measurement enables you to showcase your CTV performance, and easily identify what is driving your campaign’s success. We’ll provide both a summary presentation as well as detailed data for your own analysis.
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  • App Analysis

    Measure apps by Attention and VPVH to determine the relative performance of your campaign impressions

  • Incremental Reach for CTV
  • Trends Over Time
  • Program Analysis
  • Attentive CPM Calculations

Getting Started

TVision CTV Campaign Measurement combines your log data with our insights into viewer engagement across CTV apps. We can either use your log files or share a TVision pixel for you to add to your campaign.

Our reports will merge your campaign impression data with TVision’s person-level insights into key metrics such as viewer attention and app co-viewing rates - providing you get a better understanding of the relative performance of CTV apps included in your campaign.

Ads Work Best When People Pay Attention

There is a clear correlation between viewer Attention and Brand Lift. 

A recent study by TVision and Upwave shows that for every percentage point increase in % Attention, there is close to a 1% corresponding lift in Aided Awareness. Likewise, there is a similar impact on Ad Recall.




Gain a Deeper Understanding of CTV Viewer Trends


Get detailed and timely insight into viewer engagement across devices, apps, and shows with CTV Analytics. TVision’s CTV Analytics provides an unbiased and unified perspective on how people really watch CTV.

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