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Welcome to the TVison Signal

Each week, we’ll rank the top 20 CTV shows according to the TVision Power Score—a groundbreaking new metric that factors in both CTV viewership and engagement data across ALL CTV apps. Explore all of our latest TVision Signal reports.

Single-Source, Passive

Measurement of TV

TVision’s demographically representative, passive TV measurement panel enables accurate, person-level insight into how people really watch both linear and CTV



For the Love of TV

Our panelists are helping the industry - networks, apps, advertisers, and measurement providers - understand who’s watching what, when and where on TV. Their participation informs everything from the TV content that is produced to the ads that are made. 

We recruit panelists from top DMAs in order to represent a wide cross-section of viewing behaviors and demographics. Our panel is 100% opt-in - all of our panelists are compensated for their participation.



Trust and Privacy are Paramount


TVision could not operate as a company without the trust of our panelists. We are fully transparent with our panelists about how and what data we collect. 

Panelists install the technology, and after an initial training period all data leaving the panelists’ home is completely anonymous. The viewing data leaving the house is a simple text file referring to the household and viewers by numbers not names, aggregated and weighted to be nationally representative before being shared in our reporting platforms. 

High In-Tab Rates and Passive Data Collection Support Accurate Measurement


TVision’s panelists go through a simple, self-guided process to install the technology - which enables TVision to maintain an exceedingly high in-tab rate. Updates can be delivered remotely - we never need to send a technician to a panelist's home. 

After the installation, our technology passively measures how panelists watch TV.  TVision’s no-touch solution means that our panel data is highly accurate - viewers do not need to remember to turn on the equipment, or touch a button to confirm they are watching.

TVision is Trusted By


“Nielsen and TVision both have relatively the same coverage across markets, and the sample sizes are very close in terms of total size, which won’t make that big of a difference in terms of accuracy for how the industry is using this data to model people.”

NBCU statement to Ad Age



Our Innovative Panel Delivers What the Industry Needs


Person-Level Viewing

Big data sets are powerful in their scale, but are often limited to reporting household-level data. With TVision as a calibration panel for person-level data, alternative currency providers are accurately reporting on the true audience size of programming across linear TV and CTV.


Single-Source for Linear TV and CTV

Because TVision reports on both linear and CTV viewing from the same single-source panel, media sellers and advertisers can make apples-to-apples comparisons of engagement and performance across all TV viewing, even the CTV walled gardens.


Attention and Viewability Metrics for TV

TVision’s panel allows us to go beyond “Is the TV on” to understand if people are in the room and actively engaging with the content. After all, we all know that ads work best if people are paying attention, and people will only watch programming if it is engaging.



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