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Welcome to the TVison Signal

Each week, we’ll rank the top 20 CTV shows according to the TVision Power Score—a groundbreaking new metric that factors in both CTV viewership and engagement data across ALL CTV apps. Explore all of our latest TVision Signal reports.

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on Attention

Make CTV investments that reach engaged audiences

Are Your Ads Airing When Viewers Pay Attention?

Viewership and engagement on both CTV and Linear TV are closely correlated across the day. When CTV campaigns are not aligned with viewer engagement trends then advertisers miss opportunities to leverage high engagement dayparts. A campaign with a flat hourly delivery can be an indicator that ads may be over-delivering to TVs playing in empty rooms during low-viewership dayparts.

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Align CTV Investments with How People Watch TV

Advertisers see an increase in overall Attention when activating campaigns based on TVision's CTV engagement data.

Discover High Quality Inventory

Most CTV ad inventory is priced the same no matter where or when it airs. Finding high-quality, engaged audiences improves campaign performance without increasing costs


Pinpoint High Attention Placements

Use daypart and app attention data to gain more value at the same cost for CTV ad campaigns

Activate on Attention with TVision

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Looking to activate on attention? From simple PMPs to advanced custom algorithms, TVision touches every part of the CTV ecosystem.

Solutions for Both Advertisers and Platforms



Minimize waste by targeting high-engagement ad inventory, and get more value from your existing CTV ad investments.


Create tailor-made PMP.  Focus on each buyer segment and maximize engagement to deliver more value.

TVision is Trusted By

"With attention measurement for CTV being the single most requested solution from advertisers, we are excited to be joining forces with TVision to combine DV's scalable ad exposure data, including viewable time and fully on-screen measurement, with TVision's viewer presence and eyes-on-screen ad attention signals, delivering the most holistic attention measurement solution for advertisers looking to gauge their performance on CTV at scale."

Mark Zagorski, CEO DoubleVerify



Households Don't Watch TV, People Do

Did you know most CTV reporting is based on household-level data? TVision helps marketers gain a clearer picture of which individuals in a household actually saw their campaign. 

Person-level data from our panel is critical for making equal comparisons across apps, as well as between linear and CTV campaigns. We’re uniquely able to measure any content our panelists watch on TV - regardless of how it’s delivered.

With TVision marketers and publishers access data from: 


All Devices

We understand how viewers access streaming content on their TVs


Hundreds of Apps

We're able to report on the full spectrum of apps, including CTV walled gardens

Ads Work Best When People Pay Attention

There is a clear correlation between viewer Attention and Brand Lift. 

A recent study by TVision and Upwave shows that for every percentage point increase in % Attention, there is close to a 1% corresponding lift in Aided Awareness. Likewise, there is a similar impact on Ad Recall.




Gain a Deeper Understanding of CTV Viewer Trends


Get detailed and timely insight into viewer engagement across devices, apps, and shows with CTV Analytics. TVision’s CTV Analytics provides an unbiased and unified perspective on how people really watch CTV.

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