Performance Metrics for TV.

The way it’s always been done won’t cut it anymore. For years, brands and agencies have relied on insufficient data to plan TV advertising, resulting in billions of dollars of waste.

Leading advertisers are solving this problem with TVision. Only TVision measures person-level TV performance metrics. You won’t just know if the TV is on — you’ll know who’s in the room.

How do Advertisers use TVision data?

TVision provides TV performance metrics for leading advertisers. Our data is ready to integrate into your planning workflows — so you can improve effectiveness on day one.
Identify how much TV spend is wasted.
What portion of your campaigns are airing to empty rooms?
Target high-engagement environments.
Which programs and dayparts give your spots the best chance of driving engaging audiences?
Benchmark against the competition.
How do your TV performance metrics stack up to competitors’?
Track historical TV performance.
Learn from the past to improve the future. Analyze media and creative to optimize your investments.

TVision unlocks results.

Predictive of Sales Lift
Lower Customer
Acquisition Costs
Greater Store Visitation
Increased Conversion

Increase your TV ROI today.

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