Business Insider: Ad-tech Companies are Moving Full Speed Ahead to Chase OTT Ad Dollars. Here are the 13 Companies Poised to Win the Most.

By Lauren Johnson, Business Insider

  • A growing number of ad-tech companies are moving into over-the-top advertising as ad dollars shift from TV to streaming video.
  • While ad-tech companies are clamoring to get a share of the OTT ad market that's coming from the $70 billion in TV advertising, not all ad-tech companies will actually be able to deliver.
  • Business Insider polled a handful of ad buyers and compiled a list of 13 ad-tech companies that are at the forefront of shaping the future of OTT advertising.


TVision: Wants to track eye movement on ads

Think of TVision as the TV version of digital analytics companies Moat or Integral Ad Science that track attention.

The company collects viewing data from a panel of 5,000 households that agree to share their TV habits by installing a device the size of a Roku stick next to their TVs at home. In exchange, panelists receive a small amount of money each month, similar to a market research study.

A study between IPG Media Lab and TVision showed that 71% of TV ads that aired during the last six months of 2018 were deemed viewable compared to 69% of digital video ads. The study covered 5,388 people who watched nearly 3 million ads.

The TVision devices use computer-vision technology to measure when the TV is on and how many people are in the room. It can then track which OTT apps, channels and ads people are watching. Luke McGuinness, president of TVision, said facial-recognition technology can detect if someone is looking at their phone while a commercial airs. As for privacy concerns, he said the data is anonymized and that TVision doesn't hold on to the data.

Brands use this data to adjust the time and length of ad campaigns. An advertiser could chop a commercial from 30 to 15 seconds if people only pay attention to the first half of an ad, for example. McGuinness wouldn't name TVision's advertiser clients but said that a recent Super Bowl advertiser has used the technology.

Networks like AMC Networks, meanwhile, use TVision to see how many people watch programming on its channel and competitors at a specific time. They can then tweak schedules and find the best programs and time of day for advertisers to run ads.

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