2018 Attention Madness, Championship

By Tristan Webster, VP of Client Solutions

It's over, folks. Villanova's Wildcats won the championship, bringing victory home to the Philadelphia suburbs. But were people paying attention? Absolutely.

While the first half of the game was hotly contested, attention built as the result became clear: Villanova fans joyous about cutting down the net for the second time in three years while Michigan fans disappointed, lamenting a lost opportunity.

So why did attention continue to build throughout the game? The answer could be as simple as Donte DiVincenzo. The 6'5" Villanova sophomore wrestled control of the game in the first half, then put it beyond a doubt in the second. Donte dropped a total of 31 points, complete with huge defensive plays and a personal 9-0 run in the second half. Advertising aside, people were certainly paying attention to Donte.

March Madness Attention: Championship Game

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