AdAge: Anheuser-Busch Uses A+E Targeting Tool to Guarantee People are Actually Watching TV Ads

Attention Guarantees, Based on TVision Data, Ensure Advertisers Reach People in the Room


In a news story, AdAge takes a look at how Anheuser-Busch, A+E and Dentsu completed an ad campaign that guarantee based on viewability. The companies used TVision's data to understand if viewers were in the room to pay attention to the ads. 

AdAge quotes Paolo Provinciali, vice president, media, Anheuser-Busch InBev, “As an advertiser, as a marketer, it gives me the confidence of having a direct response of seeing how many people are actually available to watch, rather than having a basic reach and basic impression served."

Provincialli reports, “It’s transformational to bring this concept to TV because it can allow us to break down these silos in the way we manage media."  

The article states that Budweiser saw an increase of 7.6% in impressions served through the campaign, compared to benchmarks from the previous quarter, and that the improvements were spread out across all the AE networks involved in the campaign (A&E, History, FYI and Vice).

Read the whole story at AdAge.

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