AdExchanger: TVision: ‘Ratings Only Tell Part Of The Story’

If someone goes to the bathroom while a beautifully shot commercial plays full-screen on their TV, was it actually viewable?

Not so much, said Luke McGuinness, president and COO of TVision, a TV analytics company that helps brands measure whether people are actually paying attention to their ads.

TVision, founded in 2014, started out by measuring attention on linear TV and moved into OTT more recently. It gathers its insights through a panel of 5,000 US homes, which represents roughly 14,000 people.

“Measuring attention in the digital context is about whether an ad shows up in the field of view so that someone has the opportunity to see it,” McGuinness said. “By and large, TV ads are showing up on the screen – but if no one is in the room to see them, they can’t have an impact.”

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