AMC Selects TVision Performance Metrics Platform to Measure Audience Engagement and Maximize Advertiser Value

TVision Empowers Networks with Second-by-Second, Person-By-Person TV Engagement Data - Improving Advertising and Content Performance

February 28, 2019 - New York - AMC Networks and TVision today announced that AMC Networks is leveraging TVision’s Performance Metrics Platform to optimize its inventory for performance and help advertisers identify the best programming to capture engaged audiences, in order to maximize TV engagement metrics.

"With TVision’s platform, we are able to identify how viewers are engaging with our premium programming and advertising,” explains Scott Collins, President of Advertising Sales at AMC Networks. “Their granular, person-level data demonstrates the high value of our must-watch original programming like ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Better Call Saul,’ ‘Killing Eve’ and ‘Love After Lockup.’ TVision’s data provides a new and unique opportunity allowing clients to maximize their ad engagement within our schedule of top-performing shows.”

TVision goes beyond traditional TV data with its platform, allowing networks to understand how audiences are actually watching their content. AMC Networks and other leading network organizations use the platform to drive the best client performance, and make the most of their inventory. With TVision’s Performance Metrics Platform, AMC Networks:

  • Maximizes the Value of Its Best Performing Content - AMC Networks can price programming that scores well for TV engagement metrics across key demographics based on its true value, instead of ratings alone.
  • Helps Brands Optimize Campaigns Based on Performance - AMC Networks understands the dayparts, programs, and audiences that are driving the best performance metrics and uses this data to help advertisers customize media spends across the network.
  • Empowers its Sales Team - The detailed demographic and viewer behavior data allows AMC account executives to target specific brands and advertisers for placement in programming based on goal and audience alignment.

“In our increasingly data-driven world, advertisers are demanding more granular, effective, and meaningful data from TV networks to help them create, optimize, and measure their TV campaigns,” explains Luke McGuinness, President of TVision. “Forward-thinking networks like AMC Networks see this demand for engagement data as an opportunity to better value and market their programming, provide better client service, and increase revenue. TVision measures what was once unmeasurable, how people really watch TV. This unique data is a perfect fit for an innovative media company like AMC Networks.”

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