ARF AudienceXScience Keys in on Attention

ARF AudienceXScience is always a must-see event for the advertising industry and this year is no different. On April 12, 2022 Attention takes center stage with a slate of presentations about how to better plan, measure and optimize campaigns and creative to reach engaged audiences. 

First Dentsu's Joanne Leong will present  "Attention Economy: From Theory to Practice" and explain how to apply attention metrics, including TVision's attention data to boost results and reduce costs of advertising.  Mike Follett from our partners at Lumen, and TVision's Kelsey Hanlon will join Joanne for the discussion.

Later in the afternoon TVision and RealEyes will present findings from joint research on creative ad attention. The session, "Understanding the Relationship Between Creative Attention and Media Performance" will help audiences understand how pre-flight and in-flight creative attention scores predict ad wear-out and campaign effectiveness.  Download the full report.

We hope to see you at ARF AudienceXScience. There is still time to register. 

TV and CTV Attention Report
The TV and CTV Attention Report