AudiencexScience Recap: Attention by Spot Length.

Joanne Leong – VP, Director, Global Media Partnerships, Dentsu and Tristan Webster – VP, Data & Insights at TVision presented at AudiencexScience in September 2020

A recent Dentsu report using TVision data presents important insights about attention based on ad length. Joanne Leong from Dentsu and TVision's Tristan Webster presented the report at AudiencexScience. When it comes to TV ads, there is less time to communicate than you might think, regardless of the spot length but the gap between amount of time to communicate vs. airtime bought varies by spot length. Brands need to create campaigns with a mix of ad length times in order to maximize the value of their campaigns. 

TV and CTV Attention Report
The TV and CTV Attention Report