Introducing the Attention Calculator

What is the true cost of attention and how does it compare across media? Marketers can discover their own cross-platform attentive CPM in seconds with our new, free Attention Calculator.  

The industry has long sought an effective cross-media measurement tool, with the WFA taking the lead on calls to establish a new standard framework. Industry leaders recognize that unified metrics enable cross-platform measurement and will allow brands and media sellers to effectively value inventory. The key will be standardizing on a metric that is comparable across all types of ad placements.

That metric is attention. Optimizing ad campaigns for attention can improve business outcomes, such as better brand recall, increased store visits, and brand affinity.

At TVision, we are excited to partner with Lumen to give marketers the ability to calculate attentive CPM (aCPM) in order to estimate the cost of audience engagement--making it easier than ever to determine how and where to allocate budget.

Easy-to-Use, Customized, Cross-Media aCPM Calculator

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Marketers input their own CPMs to receive customized results for aCPM.

Using industry benchmarks for attention and a brand's own CPMs, the tool calculates aCPM by media type, which enables apples-to-apples comparisons of value across all platforms. 

Marketers and their agencies can start using the AttentionCalculator right now for free. Or if you'd like to learn more about how attention can vary within your TV plan, contact us

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