Attention Data Identifies the Moments That Drive Ad Recall

Second-by-second Attention Can Inform Editing of Longer Form Creative

Commercials are expensive to produce. When they work, the spot is often adjusted for shorter :15 and now :06-second formats. But the value of the work can fall to the cutting room floor if the creative team doesn't know why the original was so powerful.


A global battery brand wanted to understand why the :30-second version of their ad performed beautifully, while the shorter :15-second version did not. Why were they losing the audience’s attention on the shorter version?


TVision Insights used its second-by-second attention data to analyze the audience's reaction to the :30, which was funny, engaging, and captured a high Creative Attention Score. As the chart on the right shows, there were several points in the ad when attention spiked. At each point, there was a visual or auditory cue that coincided with the attention increase. A bell rang, flames shot up, the police busted down the door. Each caused the audience to watch more closely.

These action-movie stylings captured and held the viewer’s attention. But some of these were edited out of the :15-second version, diminishing the impact of the original creative concept. This understanding of second-by-second attention to the screen is critical to making every version of the creative execution grab the viewers' interest.


Unlike tune-away or inferred attention data, eyes-on-screen attention data helps identify the most powerful moments of a creative concept and retain impact when longer commercials are edited for distribution.

With TVision Insight's attention data, brands get in-market evidence of what drives eyes-on-screen attention. Cutting down a :30 to a :15 should be done carefully to maintain the best seconds of the longer creative concept. The triggers for attention make sure viewers stay tuned to see the full message.

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