August: Top Shows, Brands, and Ads by TV Ad Attention

IHOP 'Trojan Chicken' Scores Top Ad for August

Below is the full list of August's top programs, brands, and ads, as ranked by TV Ad Attention. TVision uses cutting-edge technology to uncover second-by-second, person-level TV engagement data. 

To learn more about our methodology, specific shows, or the breakdown by demographics or daypart, contact us and we’ll help you find the data you need. For industry benchmarks, download TVision's 2019 TV Engagement Report or download IPG Media Lab's ground-breaking analysis at


Top Shows, by TV Attention

TV Attention represents the opportunity to see an ad - calculated as the percentage of ad impressions where a viewer was in the room for two or more seconds.

For August, CBS's 48 Hours took the top Broadcast spot, with the long-standing crime show best keeping viewers in the room during commercial breaks! On cable, Paramount Network's Yellowstone cracked the list for the first time. 

Top Programs by TV Commercial Attention, BROADCAST

TVision Performance Metrics, August 2019

Program Network Ad Attention (%)
48 Hours CBS 86.9%
Reef Break ABC 85.4%
Instinct CBS 84.8%
MasterChef FOX 78.8%
So You Think You Can Dance FOX 78.4%


Top Programs by TV Commercial Attention, CABLE

TVision Performance Metrics, August 2019

Program Network Ad Attention (%)
Yellowstone Paramount Network 91.8%
My Lottery Dream Home HGTV 90.4%
Ridiculousness MTV 87.3%
Queen Sugar Oprah Winfrey Network 87.3%
Million Dollar Listing New York BRAVO 86.5%



Top Brands, by TV Attention

TV Attention represents the opportunity to see - how often consumers are in the room when a brand ad airs. So the brands with the best Attention scores means they are making smart media-buying decisions - at the network, program and daypart level. These brand ads are airing when their audiences are staying in the room during ad breaks.

Top Brands by TV Ad Attention

TVision Performance Metrics, August 2019

Brand Ad Attention* (%)
1. Humana 81.0%
2. PreserVision 80.9%
3. Hickies 79.3%
4. JUUL 79.2%
5. Febreze 79.0%

Healthcare brand Humana was the top Attention winner — a full 10 points above the total industry average. Not far behind were PreserVision and Hickies, with E-Cigarette JUUL and Febreze rounding out the pack. While these above brands were best at planning for a Viewable audience, Attention only tells half the story.


Top Ads, by Ad Attention

To identify August's top ads for Attention, we analyzed Creative Attention Score (CAS), also known as "Creative Breakthrough". These are the brand ads that drove the greatest audience engagement - isolated from the effects of media placement. We identified the top ad overall, as well as for men and women. You can watch the second-by-second analyses for each of these top-attention ads below.

August's Top Ad - OVERALL

#1: IHOP - 'Trojan Chicken' (114.6 Creative Attention Score): IHOP is for pancakes, right? Well, now they are getting into the crispy chicken game, but's a secret!


August's Top Ad - MEN

#1: Liberty Mutual - 'Reflection' (109.5 Creative Attention Score): Liberty Mutual's Limu Emu is capturing attention of all ages, but breaking through particularly among men.


August's Top Ad - WOMEN

#1: Temptations Treats - 'Off the Balcony' (112.1 Creative Attention Score): What's better than great treats for your pets? Pets who do amazing tricks! The commercial below is an oldie but goodie, resonating particularly well among female viewers.


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