How Well Do Auto Brands Capture Attention on TV?

Supply chain shortages, low interest rates, and the rising cost of used cars have created high demand for new cars and high profits for automakers. To capitalize on this market opportunity as the industry rebounds from the pandemic, automakers are picking up their TV spend. The competition for automotive brands is incredibly fierce. To get customers’ attention, auto brands have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to create some of the most memorable ads of all time. 

While stellar creative is critical in the race for attention, TVision’s platform shows daypart, network, and programming also influence how likely ads are to engage different audiences. We used these insights to compile a new report that shows which auto brands are breaking through to capture attention and make the most of their TV investments.

Download the TVision 2021 Automotive Industry TV Performance Report and learn:

  • Which shows deliver the best combination of high reach and engagement for auto ads
  • The top 10 auto brands getting the most viewer attention
  • Spotlight on how Cadillac's ad attention compares to other luxury auto brands

    Looking for more insights on how auto advertisers are performing within CTV? Download our new CTV Advertising Report to see how auto ad performance differs between linear and CTV. 
CTV Advertising Report