Which AVOD Shows Drive Audience Engagement?

Do you sometimes feel like you see the same ads over and over again no matter what CTV content you're watching? You're not alone.

As one major CPG marketer recently told us “It is incredulous that brands spend so much money to show the same ad for a month straight. How many touchpoints can a consumer have if they are in every bucket before wear out strikes?”

As we explain in our CTV Advertising Report, lower than expected CTV ad performance may be due to several factors including over-saturation of CTV ads due to the lack of frequency controls, and the inability for advertisers to align their ads with chosen content. It is a real challenge for the industry.

When AVOD platforms sell inventory based on audience profiles alone, media buyers risk paying premium prices for audiences that are not engaged or paying attention. While scale may continue to be a limiting factor, surely there is a win/win for both marketers and CTV platforms where ads are specifically targeted to addressable audiences within premium, attentive content.

So the question is, which CTV programming drives audience engagement?  These are the shows where ad placements can bring greater value to CTV plans --  where audiences are paying more attention, bingeing at a high rate, or watching together.

The CTV Shows That Engaged Audiences Best 

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At TVision, we encourage advertisers to work collaboratively with AVOD players to allow for more granular inventory targeting that takes content performance into account.

Learn more about the top streaming shows for ad engagement and more insights on CTV advertising performance in our report. 

CTV Advertising Report