How the Largest Advertisers Captured Attention: June - August 2022

Once again we are taking a dive into the campaign performance of the top advertisers of the last three months (June 2022-August 2022) across four industries - candy, streaming apps, loans, and medical services - to see how they scored for attention and viewability to their ad campaigns. We measure the ad effectiveness of the industry's top spenders (according to Media Radar) based on their ability to keep viewers in the room, with their eyes on the screen while ads air. 

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Attention and Viewability Scores - Largest Candy Advertisers

As Fall approaches and because the stores are already well-stocked on Halloween candy, we thought it was a good time to look at how the top candy advertisers fare for Attention. Because we know that a single percentage point increase in ad attention leads to a corresponding increase in ad recall, attention scores may give insights into which candies will fly off the shelves this Halloween. While the major candy manufacturers all capture average attention, Kinder Bueno is breaking through with CTV ads on Hulu, SlingTV, and YouTube. Check out the below scores we've pulled from Ad Scoreboard to see how these brands engaged viewers.

Brand Linear Viewability Linear Attention CTV Viewability

CTV  Attention

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Kit Kat logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG
Hershey unveils new logo as part of 'corporate brand makeover'
Personalized Gifts, Favors and More | M&M'S -
Kinder bueno Logos


Attention and Viewability Scores - Major Streaming Apps

In a battle for subscribers, the major streaming apps are investing heavily in TV advertising to win over linear TV viewers. It's noteworthy that the elephant in the streaming room - Netflix - did not meet thresholds for CTV advertising in the period, and thus is not on our list. Apple TV+, like other Apple products, has emerged as a leader in ad attention. See how the other major streaming apps are capturing attention and viewability with our Ad Scoreboard results in the chart below. 

Brand Linear Viewability Linear Attention CTV Viewability

CTV  Attention

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Attention and Viewability Scores - Largest Loan and Credit Services

With inflation top of mind with many American consumers and still historically favorable loan rates, the major loan,  mortgage, and credit companies are seeking to break through the noise and capture the attention of audiences.  Rocket Mortgage is the largest ad spender in the group according to Media Radar and also posting strong attention and viewability scores across linear and on Hulu. Below we highlight how the top ad spenders are engaging viewers across linear and CTV. 

*Brands are listed in order by total ad spend, based on Media Radar data.

Brand Linear Viewability Linear Attention CTV Viewability

CTV  Attention

Home | Rocket Mortgage Press Room
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Image result for jg wentworth logo
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Enova to Acquire OnDeck to Create a Leading FinTech Company Serving  Consumers and Small Businesses


Attention and Viewability Scores - Largest Medical Services Advertisers

With health services always a top priority among American consumers, brands in this category invest heavily in TV advertising to gain mindshare, and their campaigns are largely outperforming the rest of the TV and CTV advertising landscape. Cologuard has consistently outperformed for attention year in and year out and lands all four scores in the green.  23andMe is posting high attention and viewability for its limited CTV advertising. The company's CTV Adoption Score, which compares CTV impressions to other advertisers, is a 2, indicating the brand may just be testing the waters. 

Brand Linear Viewability Linear Attention CTV Viewability

CTV  Attention

BetterHelp Press Kit
Cologuard – El Rio Health
Everlywell: Our Story
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DNA Genetic Testing For Ancestry & Traits - 23andMe International


How do we measure Linear TV and CTV Ad Viewability and Attention?

The scores in the lists below are pulled directly from our new, easy-to-use platform: Ad Scoreboard.  

The scores indicate how well the brand captured attention and viewability over the last three months, compared to all other TV and CTV advertisers. The Scoring System ranges from 1 to 10.  For example, a score of 7 indicates that the brand is performing better than 70% of all the brands that TVision measures. Color coding makes it easy to understand at-a-glance: green is above average, yellow is average, and red is below average.

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