How the Largest Advertisers Captured Attention in Q2 2022

This month we take a look at Q2 2022 ad performance to see how the top 5 apparel, technology, travel, and toiletries advertisers scored for attention and viewability to their TV ad campaigns. We measure the ad effectiveness of the industry's top spenders (according to Media Radar) based on their ability to keep TV viewers in the room, with their eyes on the screen while the ads are aired. 

How do we measure TV Ad Viewability and Attention?

The scores in the lists below are pulled directly from our new, easy-to-use platform: Ad ScoreboardAdvertisers use TVision's Ad Scoreboard to track their own TV ad engagement, as well as all their competitors'.

The scores indicate how well the brand captured attention and viewability over the last three months, compared to all other TV advertisers. The Scoring System ranges from 1 to 10.  For example, a score of 7 indicates that the brand is performing better than 70% of all the brands that TVision measures. Color coding makes it easy to understand at-a-glance: green is above average, yellow is average, and red is below average.

Attention and Viewability Scores - Largest Apparel and Accessories Advertisers

Although schools are out for summer, apparel and accessory advertisers are already implementing their ad campaigns targeted at back-to-school shoppers. What can these brands learn from the ad strategies of their peers in Q2? Check out the scores below for insight into which brands best-engaged viewers.

*Brands are listed in order by total ad spend, based on Media Radar data.

Brand Viewability Attention
Download Old Navy Logo in SVG Vector or PNG File Format -
Skechers - Yorkdale Shopping Centre
h&m logo by roxy:) | H&m logo, ? logo, Logo design
MANSCAPED™ Designated Official Men's Grooming Partner Of The Ottawa  Senators | Business Wire
Stitch Fix: Love Balanced Growth (NASDAQ:SFIX) | Seeking Alpha


Second-by-Second Ad performance: Stitch Fix: "We're So You"

With snappy vignettes featuring personal styles, this ad from Stitch Fix, developed by R/GA California, performed above average for attention (38.7% compared to the linear TV average of 37%)  and viewability (73.8% compared to an average of 72%). The ad performed especially well on TLC, The Lifetime Movie Channel, and A&E.


Read on for a look at the ad Viewability and Attention scores for Technology, Travel and Toiletries & Cosmetics

Attention and Viewability Scores for the Largest Technology/Teleco Advertisers

Technology and telecom companies are well-known TV advertisers and for good reason. Brand affinity is proven to be influenced by TV advertising and this industry category, in particular, is well known for cultivating loyal customer bases. Need proof? Have you ever tried to convince an iPhone user to switch to Android?  See how these brands' ad campaigns are engaging viewers. 

Brand Viewability Attention
Apple logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG
File:Samsung Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons
T‑Mobile Logo (magenta on white, CMYK, JPEG) ‑ T‑Mobile Newsroom
Google's New Logo
Verizon just unveiled a new logo - The Verge


Viewability and Attention Scores for the Largest Travel Advertisers

Americans are eager to get back to vacations after a few years of pandemic precautions and subdued staycations, and travel companies are responding with investments in ad campaigns. Read on to see which advertisers are capturing the attention of travel-hungry consumers!

Brand Viewability Attention
File:Airbnb Logo Bélo.svg - Wikimedia Commons
Choice Hotels Announces New Corporate Headquarters In North Bethesda,  Maryland
File:Walt Disney World Resort logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons
Royal Caribbean Group | Businesses | WWF
Great Wolf Lodge Logo" Sticker by awatterson | Redbubble


Viewability and Attention Scores for the Toiletry & Cosmetic Advertisers

These are the largest toiletry and cosmetic advertisers in Q2 2022 according to Media Radar. These brands use TV advertising campaigns to improve brand recall and brand loyalty which translates to in-store sales. Check out how these advertisers scored for attention and viewability.

Brand Viewability Attention
Image result for crest logo
Image result for olay logo
Image result for gillette logo
Image result for cerave logo
Image result for neutrogena logo


Across the board, advertisers that score in the lower ranges can make significant improvements to their overall scores with careful planning and optimization. With Ad Scoreboard, advertisers can identify opportunities to improve their scores by optimizing to higher performing programs, networks, and dayparts in-flight - after all, there is significant variance in attention and viewability within these factors. 

Viewability by Placement Chart


Brands can also use the data to identify the best performing creative with second-by-second analysis and understand wear-out.  Remember to take a look at this month's top-performing ads here. 

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