How the Largest Advertisers Captured Attention: July - September 2022

With football season in full gear, this month we're highlighting how brands that play a big role in our Game Day routines engaged audiences with both their TV and CTV ad campaigns. We're scoring the top spenders (according to Media Radar) across Snacks, Sports Betting, Pizza and Beer categories based on their ability to keep viewers in the room (Ad Viewability), with their eyes on the screen while ads air (Ad Attention). 

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Attention and Viewability Scores - Largest Snack Advertisers

For some of us, the snacks we eat are as much a part of the Game Day experience as the game itself.  Because we know that a single percentage point increase in ad attention leads to a corresponding increase in ad recall, attention scores give insights into which snacks may end up at the football potluck. Tostitos and Lay's are two of the biggest advertisers in the category. Tostito's score of 6 means it is doing a slightly better than average job of capturing attention from viewers in the room. Tostitos ads are performing well on Bravo, TBS and Paramount Networks and it is outperforming with the hard-to-reach 18-29-year-old demo. Lay's is capturing attention for its ads on AMC, with viewers 60+ and in the Morning. Moving impressions to the morning might help Lay's improve its overall ad attention.  

While these  snack brands are all hitting the mark with average scores for Viewability and Attention, Cheez-Its and Wonderful Pistachios are breaking through on CTV.  Above-average ad engagement on Sling TV and Hulu, plus a focus on Primetime placements are driving Cheez-Its score of 8 in both Viewability and Attention. Wonderful Pistachios is performing well on Paramount+ and with women, 30-39 years old.

Check out the below scores we've pulled from Ad Scoreboard to see how these brands engaged viewers.

Brand Linear Viewability Linear Attention CTV Viewability

CTV  Attention

Tostitos logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG
Cheez-It® Stashes Secret Bunker Full Of New Cheez-It Snap'd For Fans - And  You Could Find It
Cheetos logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG
Wonderful® Pistachios Partners with Panda Global as an Official Snack of  the First-ever Licensed North American Super Smash Bros.™ Circuit
Lay's Logo, symbol, meaning, history, PNG


Attention and Viewability Scores - Sports Betting

The sports betting category spends over $200 million annually on TV advertising. But are their TV and CTV ad strategies a safe bet? Leading ad spending in the category, FanDuel, is producing Attention and Viewability results in line with industry averages, but there are opportunities to gain more value from their investment.  Our Ad Scoreboard data shows that FanDuel is investing heavily in Daytime across the major broadcast networks. Moving some of that inventory to Early Morning, where the brand scores a 37.1% for ad attention (compared to 35% in Daytime) would help to improve their overall ad attention scores. 

Brand Linear Viewability Linear Attention CTV Viewability

CTV  Attention

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DraftKings Enters Popular eSports Space With Daily Fantasy Contest Offerings
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PointsBet Online and Mobile Sports Betting Now Live in New York


Attention and Viewability Scores - Pizza Chains

Pizza brands are among the largest advertisers in the industry, and they make their presence known not just during Football season, but all year long. As mentioned above, every single percent increase in ad attention translates to a similar increase in brand awareness. When it comes to ordering pizza for the whole crew to enjoy during the game, these brands want to be top of mind. 

Pizza Hut is one of the largest ad spenders in the category, but their Linear TV Viewability and Attention scores reveal opportunities to improve engagement. Thirty percent of Pizza Hut's impressions are in Daytime, which can be a lower Viewability and Attention daypart. Moving some of those impressions to Morning, where Pizza Hut's ads perform better for Attention will help improve the overall score. Pizza Hut's inventory is also spread out over a wide variety of networks. Shifting some additional inventory to Lifetime, where the brand scores above 37% attention, could also help move the needle. Worth noting, Pizza Hut's CTV engagement is much stronger than its linear, with strong attention on Hulu and Sling TV.

*Brands are listed in order by total ad spend, based on Media Radar data.

Brand Linear Viewability Linear Attention CTV Viewability

CTV  Attention

Domino'slogo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG
Pizza Hut logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG
Little Caesars Logo, symbol, meaning, history, PNG
File:Papa John's Logo 2019.svg - Wikimedia Commons
Marco's Pizza - Wikipedia


Attention and Viewability Scores - Beer Brands

Beer is nearly synonymous with football - whether at the tailgate or in the living room. Beer advertisers continue to invest a considerable amount into TV and CTV spots all year long, but especially during football season. 

According to data in our Ad Scoreboard platform, Modelo Especial is having success engaging viewers that are in the room across both Linear TV and CTV. Modelo is outperforming other advertisers for Attention on ESPN, where it garners 39% Attention. Additionally, Fox delivers more than 40% Ad Attention for the brand. On CTV, Modelo does exceptionally well on Hulu, where its 44.8% attention is almost 8% higher than the norm.

Brand Linear Viewability Linear Attention CTV Viewability

CTV  Attention

Corona Extra Logo | evolution history and meaning
Michelob Ultra Logo, symbol, meaning, history, PNG
Modelo Especial - Grupo Modelo - Untappd
Bud Light logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG
Dos-Equis-Beer-Logo | #1 Selling Logo Software for nearly 20 years |  Summitsoft


How do we measure Linear TV and CTV Ad Viewability and Attention?

The scores in the lists below are pulled directly from our new, easy-to-use platform: Ad Scoreboard.  

The scores indicate how well the brand captured Attention and Viewability over the last three months, compared to all other TV and CTV advertisers. The Scoring System ranges from 1 to 10.  For example, a score of 7 indicates that the brand is performing better than 70% of all the brands that TVision measures. Color coding makes it easy to understand at-a-glance: green is above average, yellow is average, and red is below average.

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