Bud Light Commercial Got the Most Attention in Super Bowl

By Jon Lafayette

Originally published in Broadcasting & Cable

Bud Light’s commercial featuring the Bud Light knight got the most attention from viewers during the Super Bowl Sunday night, according to ranking from research company TVision Insights.

NBC charged more than $5 million on average for 30-second spots, so it is important to marketers that their messages register with viewers while they are grabbing food or talking to friends during commercial break during the big game. Of course there are many viewers watching the Super Bowl at least in part to see the commercials.

TVision Inights says the Bud Light ad scored an index of 130.8, which means the spot captured 30.8% better attention than the average ad.

The rest of TVision Insights’ top 10 Super Bowl commercials are:

  1. E*Trade - This is Getting Old - 123.6
  2. Mountain Dew/Doritos - Doritos Blaze vs Mountain Dew Ice - 116.9
  3. Mission: Impossible - Fallout -  Mission: Impossible - Fallout - 114.2
  4. Avocados from Mexico - #GuacWorld - 113.7
  5. NFL - Touchdown Celebration - 112.4
  6. M&Ms - Human - 112.1
  7. Tide - It's a Tide Ad -  111.1
  8. Netflix: The Cloverfield Paradox   - The Cloverfield Paradox - 110.9
  9. Amazon Alexa - Alexa Loses Her voice - 110.7


TVision Insights measures actual eyes-on-screen, second-by-second viewer attention to ads and programming in the viewer's living room. Its opt-in panel of viewers is located across the US and demographically represented in all the major DMAs.

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