Business Insider: Here are the 18 hottest adtech companies of 2019

By Lauren Johnson, Business Insider

2019 was the year the adtech industry was forced to adapt to sweeping new privacy laws and a rapidly changing media business.

Growing concerns about privacy and the death of cookies that fuel digital advertising; the advent of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); and tech giants Apple and Google clamping down on how marketers use third-party cookies required many adtech companies to change their pitches to marketers.

Amazon's nascent advertising business gained steam with a new cottage industry of e-commerce-minded firms helping marketers use the platform. Adtech firms also had to join the chase for the $70 billion TV-advertising market.

We identified a handful of companies that were best positioned to survive these challenges and thrive in the year ahead.

TVision: Wants to measure when people actually watch TV

Tristan Webster, vp of data and analytics, TVision


Star to know: Tristan Webster, the vice president of data and analytics
2019 revenue: $9 million
Total funding to date: $24.7 million
Comment: TVision wants to compete with the old-school measurement firms Comscore and Nielsen by tracking how people watch TV. The TV-tech firm has a panel of 5,000 households that agree to share their viewing data and install a small device next to their TVs at home in exchange for a small payment. TVision tracks people's movement to detect if someone was in the room or looking at the TV when a program or commercial airs. TVision then sells the data about who's watching what and when to networks like Disney-ABC and The Weather Channel, and advertisers such as Pepsi that use it to inform their ad planning and buying.


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