Can Age & Gender Impact Ad Attention?

It’s a cliché, so true it’s annoying: Young people can’t sit still, and older folks don’t feel like getting up. As long as there has been something to sell, age-oriented marketing has hinged upon that basic idea.

But what happens when the TV is actually on? When it comes to Ad Attention, do younger viewers tune out more quickly? What are the disparities between male and female viewers? Are there even any at all?

For years, we didn’t quite have the tools we needed to get measurable data on Attention. But we do now. Our cutting-edge technology helped us get the real story - at the person level. And that data is telling us amazing things.

Age and Gender, Ad Attention.

Interestingly, our results continued to show that for the first half of 2019, the gaps between Ad Attention were only slightly different across gender lines -- so slight as to be negligible.


But the really interesting results came later. Our data showed that as viewers got older, their Viewability and Attention rates grew steadily, with ages 65+ scoring the highest for Ad Viewability. 


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TV and CTV Attention Report
The TV and CTV Attention Report