Every Second of Attention Matters When it Comes to Driving Results, According to TVision’s Q2 2018 Eyes-on-Screen TV Attention Report

The Royal Wedding, The Triple Crown and Microsoft Surface Stand Out for Attention in Q2 2018

New York City -  (August 9, 2018) – TVision Insights, the leader in measuring eyes-on-screen attention to every second of programming and advertising on television, today released its Q2 2018 Eyes-On-Screen TV Attention Report.

“We have to continue to search for other measurement attributes that will help advertisers optimize the ROI of their TV spend, and help media companies to optimize the impact they have for advertisers,” explains Howard Shimmel, President, Janus Strategy and Insights, LLC. “Indeed, during my time as Chief Research Officer at Turner Broadcasting, it became extremely clear to me that one potential solution to the measurement mix is attention. After all, you could be talking to your most loyal customer in the entire world, but if they’re not paying attention when your ad runs, it’s a missed opportunity to drive ROI. TVision Insights uses computer vision technology to measure real, eyes-on-screen attention from their panelists."

Brands across categories, including trivago, Jaguar, and Google, broke through the clutter in Q2. Key insights include:

  • Impact of Creative Exposures on Attention – The TVision report features an analysis of a Microsoft Surface ad with Courtney Quinn. The analysis shows that viewers paid more attention to the ad at higher frequency bands, paying 17% more attention to the ad on the sixth or subsequent viewing than on their first viewing.
  • Audience Targeting and Viewer Demographics – A Claritin-D spot, running during peak allergy season, highlights the value of capturing attention of the right audience. The ad performed poorly for those under 18, who likely are not making or influencing medicine purchase decisions, but performed best among viewers age 18-34, the coveted millennial demographic.
  • Six-Second Ads Capture Attention – TVision research presented at the Advertising Research Foundation’s AUDIENCExSCIENCE showed a lift in attention for six-second ads across all age groups, and 8%-11% more attention overall when compared to 15- and 30-second ads across all age groups.

Additional takeaways from TVision’s Q2 2018 Eyes-on-Screen TV Attention Report:

  • The “Royal Wedding” took the attention crown. Whether viewers watched on news or entertainment stations, their eyes were glued to the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. But Markle’s fans paid the most attention; viewers who also watched her on “Suits” paid 37% more attention to the wedding than non-Suits watchers.
  • Speaking of crowns, the possibility of a Triple Crown dramatically increased viewer attention to the Belmont Stakes on NBC. Last year the final race of the season scored a distant third for attention, but in 2018, the Belmont Stakes matched attention levels of the Preakness and Kentucky Derby.
  • On cable, the critically-acclaimed Killing Eve (BBC America) stood out with an Attention Index of 204. ABC’s “The Good Doctor” topped the list for attention on broadcast.
  • Movies fared well in the quarter, as trailers for “Isle of Dogs” (Fox Searchlight Pictures), “Rampage” (Warner Home Entertainment) and “The Incredibles 2” (Walt Disney Pictures), as well as Nissan Rogue’s “Lando Style” Star Wars integration, all landed in the top ten for ad attention in primetime.  

About TVision’s Eyes on Screen TV Attention Report

All rankings and attention data are based off of TVision’s proprietary technology and panel. The company’s computer vision technology passively measures eyes-on-screen attention to content. The opt-in panel has installed proprietary, privacy-safe hardware & software allowing for passive monitoring of their television viewing behaviors. The result is person-level measurement data reported second-by-second. Media buyers and sellers both use TVision’s attention data to make smarter decisions around messaging, media plans, programming, and targeting.

The data in this report was collected from March 26, 2018 - June 24, 2018, from panelists across the United States.

To view the full report, visit tvisioninsights.com/quarterlyattention.

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