February: Top Attention-Grabbing Shows for Broadcast and Cable

Winter Weather Woes Leant Themselves to Easy-to-Watch Genres on Broadcast & Cable

As viewers wait out the winter weather, game shows, sitcoms, and home improvement capture their attention. The following primetime first-run programs ranked the highest on our Attention Index in February.


  • Fred Savage and Ricky Gervais made for an attention-grabbing combo: ABC's new game show "Child Support" topped the broadcast list.
  • Feeling cooped up and looking for a home project? You're not the only one. HGTV's "House Hunters International" and "Fixer Upper" both made the top 5 attention-grabbing cable programs.
  • Sheldon, Sheldon, Sheldon. CBS's "The Big Bang Theory" and "Young Sheldon"both made the top five broadcast shows for attention.

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February 2018 Top Broadcast Shows


February 2018 Top Cable Shows

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