Luke McGuinness Introduces Q3 2018 TV Attention Report

Throughout my career in data-driven marketing and technology, I’ve seen first-hand how impactful access to high quality, actionable data can be for brands. With the right information at their fingertips, marketers can gain real insight into who their customers are and what they want, and then tailor their products and messaging accordingly.

For too long, TV advertisers have lacked the breadth and depth of data available to their digital marketing peers. I joined TVision to help change this.

What makes TVision such an exciting company is its revolutionary eyes-on-screen technology, which empowers TV advertisers to understand viewer behavior in a way that traditional metrics have never allowed. Leveraging proprietary computer vision technology, we’re able to tell whether a panelist is in the room, how many people are in the room, and whether they are actually looking at the screen and paying attention. We’re the only company that does this, and we do it person-by-person, second-by-second. I’m thrilled to be exploring the next frontier of TV with such innovation, and with such a talented, dedicated team.

In our Q3 report, we shed light on some of the larger trends in TV attention, as well as give a preview of the types of insights our data can reveal. By reading on, you’ll learn which brands, ads, and networks generated the most attention during the summer season, as well as several key strategies for getting your target customers to take notice.

As TVision continues to lead the industry in TV engagement metrics, I’m excited to share our latest data with you. Here’s a taste of what we’ll cover:

  • Attention varies by demographics: Different demographic audiences engage with TV content in different ways. For a T-Mobile commercial we analyzed, women paid 23% more attention than men.
  • Creative elements can dramatically impact attention: Our second-by-second attention analysis hones in on the key moments that cause viewers to either perk up or tune out. In a Discover Card ad analyzed, our data showed a huge peak during a particularly exciting (and stressful) moment.
  • When used correctly, attention data is a powerful tool to find coveted audiences: The Bachelorette offers advertisers one of the most desirable audiences in television. Knowing where its viewers consumed television beyond the hit show allows brands to reach such a coveted audience, even after the final rose.
  • Relevant sponsorships drive greater engagement: Sponsors of the MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby didn’t just get a quality audience — they also received above-average attention during commercial breaks.

We hope you’ll find these insights as interesting as we do — especially as our industry continues to use data to unlock the power of TV.

Luke McGuinness, COO & President

Luke McGuinness is the President and COO of TVision, where he brings two decades of experience in building and leading data-driven products. Most recently, McGuinness spent three years as general manager for Data Store at LiveRamp, a company that links people, data, and devices. Previously, he held senior roles at Collective and Experian Hitwise. McGuinness holds a bachelor’s degree from Colgate University and a juris doctorate from the Fordham University School of Law.

TV and CTV Attention Report
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