MediaPost: Early Returns Show Disney+ Attracts More Family Viewing, Apple TV+ Appeals More To Females

A study of early demographic returns among new major streaming services show Disney+ attracts more families, while Apple TV+ appeals more to females.

By Wayne Friedman, MediaPost

Some 60% of TV households that subscribe to Disney+ so far have three or more people and are “families,” according to early November research from TVision, a technology company that measures viewers' eye movements on TV screens.

By way of comparison, 45% of Apple TV+ homes have three or more people, compared to Hulu's on-demand service at 51% for three or more people.

Demographic Breakout_Disney+_AppleTV+_Hulu

Apple TV+ skews more female vs Hulu and Disney+ at 60% females/ 45% males, with Hulu coming in at 55% females/45% males. 

Disney+ scores more male subscribers, with 55% males and 45% females.

Some analysts may point to the new "Star Wars"-theme series “The Mandalorian” as a major reason.

When it comes to the age of viewers, the strongest demographic is viewers 35 to 54 years old for all three services -- with Hulu  at 51%, Apple TV+  at 45%, and Disney+  at 40%.

Disney scores the best among young people -- 27% of its viewers are 18-34 and 27% are under 18. Apple TV+ comes in at 26% for 18-34 viewers and 12% for those under 18.

Looking at new, highly promoted original TV shows, Disney's “The Mandalorian” has a breakdown of 73% male/27% female viewers compared to 65% female viewers/35% male viewers for Apple TV+’s “The Morning Show.

The Mandalorian and The Morning Show Attention Performance

There is more co-viewing with “Morning” than “Mandalorian” -- 51% to 32%. The “Mandalorian” audience is younger than that for “Morning” -- 37 years old versus 48 years old.

TVision’s research comes from 5,000 TV homes comprising about 13,000 people. It was conducted over the time period from Nov. 1 through Nov. 18.

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