Official Sponsors Captured 32% More Attention During MLB All-Star Break Than Other Advertisers

For brands that advertise in premium TV events, attention data can help measure and validate how well a sponsorship attracts attention. During the MLB All-Star break, official sponsors T-Mobile, Mastercard, Lincoln, and Chevrolet generated high attention to their commercials, validating their sponsorship.

The MLB All-Star break consists of two main contests; the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game. For fans, each provides an opportunity to watch the league's best players. For brands, it is a time to capture the attention of all baseball fans in one night. TVision analyzed ads for the All-Star break’s official sponsors to find out if having an on-air sponsorship would impact attention paid to that brand’s ads. 

With our unique ability to detect when viewers are in the room and what they’re paying attention to second-by-second, we were able to uncover that event sponsorship affected the amount of advertising attention. By calculating an Attention Index for each brand - sponsors and non-sponsors - across the Home Run Derby & All-Star Game, our analysis revealed that official sponsors received an average 32% increase in attention.

Additionally, we analyzed if the All-Star break was an attentive environment for brands, compared to their performance over a regular season MLB game. Lincoln, the pregame sponsor of the All-Star Game, received a 43% increase in attention in their ads compared to the same advertisements that ran in regular season games. 

For T-Mobile, Mastercard, Lincoln, and Chevrolet, the All-Star break was a sound investment, generating comparatively high attention to their commercials. Across sports, awards, and other premium events, advertisers should use attention data to validate how well their sponsorship's impact attention.