Oracle Adds Attention Data From TVision to Moat Reach

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Oracle Data Cloud said it is adding attention data to its Moat Reach production, which offers real time audience measurement across digital and TV advertising.

With the TVision data, Moat Reach can tell advertisers how many people in the room are watching their commercials, whether they are co-viewing and how much attention is being captured.

Marketers can use those insights to better understand how much of their cross-platform ad spend is reaching the right audience with an impression they actually see to iterate and optimize their campaigns in the future.

“This is a first, but vitally important, step to allowing TV and digital media to be compared on a level playing field, making sure that marketers know that ‘Reach’ really means ‘reached,’ whether the ad played to an empty room or to a room full of friends,” said Kevin Whitcher, VP of new product development at Oracle Data Cloud in a blog post.

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