NBCUniversal's Measurement Look Book Brings Clarity to TV Measurement

NBCUniversal's recently published "Measurement Framework Look Book" is an excellent analysis of the current TV measurement landscape. Their concise analysis of the major alternative currency providers is a massive service for the industry and helps establish a framework so that we can all move beyond opaque TV ratings for measurement.  The Look Book is a good early step on the path to a more analytical, transparent multi-currency system that enables cross-platform analysis. 

You can read the full Look Book here.

At TVision we are proud of our success as the calibration panel supporting many of the major alternative currencies including iSpot, VideoAmp and Oracle, with more partnerships set to close in the near term. people panel

(Source: NBCUniversal's Measurement Framework Look Book)

In the Look Book, Kelly Abcarian calls the move away from a single currency “measurement independence.” We agree with Kelly that the future of TV measurement  "requires building a robust market for measurement solutions that are effective, innovative, and impartial."

Person-level data is at the center of that requirement.   As the calibration panel for multiple big data sets we help our partners understand any bias in their big data set, and go beyond household-level data. 

TVision is committed to supporting the development of next-generation TV measurement solutions and alternative currencies. Congratulations to our partners, iSpot, VideoAmp, and Oracle for their recognition in the NBCU Look Book. 

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