May: Top Shows, Brands, and Ads by TV Ad Attention

Hulu's Mrs. America (S1) topped the Co-Viewing rate for May. Ads from Dial, Olay and Seresto broke through for Attention. 

TVision uses cutting-edge technology to uncover second-by-second, person-level TV engagement data.  Below is the list of May's linear and streaming data, with programs brands and ads ranked by TV Ad Attention.

If you are interested in a broader look at how TV viewing and ad engagement has changed during the pandemic, please read our post, "TV Watching Has Changed."

To learn more about our methodology, specific shows, or the breakdown by demographics or daypart, contact us and we’ll help you find the data you need.

Top OTT Programs, by Attention Index

Attention Index measures how effectively a specific program keeps a viewer’s eyes on the TV screen while the viewer is in the room with the TV on.

Program  Application  Attention Index
After Life (S2) Netflix 157.1
The Midnight Gospel (S1) Netflix 153.9
Mrs. America (S1) Hulu 152.7
Little Fires Everywhere (S1) Hulu 150.1
The Great (S1) Hulu 148.6


Top OTT Programs, by Co-Viewing Rate

Co-Viewing Rate refers to the number of episode views with more than one person in front of the screen.

Program Application  Co-Viewing Rate
Mrs. America (S1) Hulu 84%
Magic For Humans (S3) Netflix 81%
Hollywood (S1) Netflix 80%
Outer Banks (S1) Netflix 80%
Too Hot to Handle (S1) Netflix 77%


Top OTT Programs, by Binge Rate

Binge Rate measures the percentage of episode views where the viewer has watched 3 or more episodes in a single session.

Program  Application Binge Rate
Workin' Moms (S4) Netflix 51%
Into the Night (S1) Netflix 50%
Never Have I Ever (S1) Netflix 49%
Dead to Me (S2) Netflix 48%
Upload (S1) Amazon 45%


Top Shows, by TV Ad Attention

TV Ad Attention represents the opportunity to see an ad - calculated as the percentage of ad impressions where a viewer was in the room for two or more seconds.

Top Programs by TV Ad Attention, BROADCAST
TVision Performance Metrics, May 2020

Program  Network Ad Attention
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist NBC 82.0%
Batwoman CW 81.2%
SEAL Team CBS 80.8%
FBI: Most Wanted CBS 80.5%
The Baker and the Beauty ABC 79.7%


Top Programs by TV Ad Attention, CABLE
TVision Performance Metrics, May 2020

Program  Network Ad Attention
Lockup National Geographic 85.9%
Mexico Life HGTV 84.2%
Good Witch Hallmark 83.4%
The Profit CNBC 83.4%
Rick and Morty Adult Swim 82.1%


Top Brands, by TV Ad Attention

The brands with the best Ad Attention scores are making smart media-buying decisions - at the network, program and daypart level. 

Top Brands by TV Ad Attention
TVision Performance Metrics, April 2020

Brand Ad Attention (%)
Kohler 76.0%
America's Milk Processors 74.4%
Amazon Music 74.0%
Metamucil 73.8% 73.7%


Kohler's ad recorded the highest Attention for the month. America's Milk Processors land a top 5 for the first time in 2020, Amazon Music, Metamucil and close our top 5 for May. 

Top Ad, by Ad Attention

To identify April's top ad for Attention, we used our Creative Attention Score (CAS), to determine how well the creative breaks through. These are the brand ads that drove the greatest audience engagement - isolated from the effects of media placement. We identified the top ad overall, as well as for men and women. 

May's Top Ad - OVERALL
Dial - 'In Our Hands' 
(116 Creative Attention Score): The commercial engages viewers with music and visuals.

TV and CTV Attention Report
The TV and CTV Attention Report