How Well Do Pharma Brands Capture Attention on TV?

If you’ve switched on the TV lately, odds are you’ve been prompted to ask your doctor if a given prescription brand is right for you. The 60-second TV spot has long served as a key pillar of pharmaceutical companies’ marketing strategies. Now with health care taking center stage, these companies are in a unique position to engage their audiences and have increased their TV spend accordingly.

So what does it take for pharma marketers to break through and make the most of these investments? To find out, TVision analyzed viewer engagement with prescription health ads across the TV landscape to see where pharma companies are reaching the most engaged audiences and which creatives are keeping viewers’ eyes on the screen.

Here are just a few of the insights you can find in our new Pharma Industry Engagement Report.

The Prescription Brands that are Winning Attention

So far this year, AstraZeneca, Amgen, and AbbVie’s prescription brands topped the list of TV ads that were most effective at keeping viewers’ eyes on the screen.

Top Pharma Brands by Attention

Pharma Brands Capture Attention in Daytime TV and Procedural Dramas

The program in which the ad airs can have a major impact on the attention it receives. Pharmaceutical brands often choose programming in primetime spots like reality TV or action & drama entertainment to run their ads. But there are other program types winning high attention for pharma. We analyzed the TV Attention & Audience Size for hundreds of TV programs where pharma companies advertised their prescription brands and uncovered that ads that air during daytime TV programs—especially game shows and soap operas—as well as primetime procedural dramas captured the most attention across the pharma industry in Q1- Q3 2021. Meanwhile, reality TV shows showed comparatively lower attention.

Want more insights?

Download the full Pharma Industry Engagement Report to see which specific TV programs are winning the highest attention for Pharma and discover which creative elements grab the most attention during prescription drug ads.

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