Preparing for the Upfront: Context Matters for CTV

With Roku's Upfront on the schedule for today, May 3, 2021, and brands set to increase their CTV budgets by as much as 25%, it's no surprise that marketers are increasingly looking for guidance to build the most effective and impactful CTV strategies. 

Marketers can make the most of their CTV investments by implementing the following guidance found in our newly released ebook: Six Things Marketers Should Know this Upfront Season.


We know that creating best practices for CTV ad buying is a big challenge for brands. During a recent conversation with several executives from large brands, key questions emerged around CTV: 

  • How do marketers find the right audience on CTV? And how do they avoid wear-out from over-targeting the same viewers?
  • How do marketers measure CTV and  how do they effectively compare performance with siloed reporting capabilities from individual streaming partners?

Let's consider the first challenge faced by marketers - making sure that their CTV campaigns are producing value. This topic is covered in our new eBook: Six Things Marketers Should Know this Upfront Season.

To optimize the impact of CTV ad spending, buyers should factor in contextual behavior. Traditionally, CTV is sold based on household-level audience data, but there is a significant opportunity to improve the impact of every campaign by leveraging person-level viewing data in planning. For example, any marketer trying to reach a 35-year-old woman understands that her ability to engage with an ad is very different at different times of the day, and depending on the program that is airing.

Context Matter 2A

Advertisers should be able to optimize their plans to target the right audience when they are paying attention, and streaming applications should be able to charge a premium for this higher engagement. Contact us to learn how to make the most of your CTV spend. 

For more tips on how to approach this year's upfronts, download the eBook here!

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The TV and CTV Attention Report