New State of CTV Advertising Report from TVision and DoubleVerify Shows Viewer Attention to CTV Advertising is on the Rise

Premium CTV Apps Deliver Higher Attention than Linear TV; Viewer Engagement is Best in Primetime 

New York -  (May 30, 2024) – Today TVision, the company measuring every second of TV and CTV viewer engagement, and DoubleVerify, (DV)  a leading software platform for digital media measurement, released the Q1 2024 State of CTV Advertising Report.  

Data from Q1 2024 shows increases in CTV advertising volume across all major brand categories, compared to Q1 2023, according to TVision. With more focus on CTV, marketers seek ways to understand, manage, measure and optimize their investments. Attention, Engagement, and Co-viewing have emerged as important metrics that help advertisers understand and analyze the quality of CTV inventory. The industry-leading combination of DV’s impression-level attention data and TVision’s eyes-on-screen attention data empowers marketers to make informed advertising decisions and improve media planning and strategy in CTV. This report brings the data to life, including key insights into app and show engagement, as well as overall ad performance. 

According to the report:

  • The vast majority of households tuned into 3 or fewer apps in Q1 2024. 
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) Apps, (ex: The Roku Channel), saw a 9% increase in household reach in Q1 2024, as compared to Q4 2023. 
  • YouTube (20%), Netflix (17%) and Hulu (10%)  are the top three apps according to Share of Time Spent Viewing. 
  • The first ad in a pod - a grouping of CTV ads that are played back to back - performs best across both CTV and linear. Additionally, ads perform best in shorter pods. 
  • Viewers are most engaged with primetime ads, according to the DV Engagement Index.

“Data in the State of CTV Advertising Report highlights the significant opportunity available to advertisers seeking to reach engaged audiences across the CTV ecosystem,” explains Daniel Slotwiner, SVP of Attention at DV. “We can see that CTV continues to grow as a key channel, and marketers can further maximize engagement with smart investments across Advertising-Based Video On Demand (AVOD) and Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV  (FAST), and within specific dayparts.”

“Each quarter we see advancements in CTV advertising - in terms of reach and scale but also in terms of attention and engagement from viewers,” said Yan Liu, CEO of TVision. “The latest report highlights these trends and is a useful tool for marketers to better understand CTV attention norms, and how to leverage these metrics within their own campaign processes. DV is a leader in CTV advertising, and as such we are excited to partner with them on this special issue of the State of CTV.”

Download the full report on the TVision website.

Report methodology:

The data for this report was collected from January 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024, except when indicated differently, from 5,000 homes across the United States. All data is weighted to represent the country. All demographic data was self-reported by the respondents. All data is measured second by-second, person-by-person. All data is for Q1 2024, and viewers P2+, unless otherwise noted. Top programs and ads are limited to English-speaking content only. 

About TVision 

TVision provides second-by-second, person-level data about how people watch TV – who’s watching, what they’re watching, and how much attention they are paying to both linear and streaming TV. Advertisers, agencies, networks, streaming content providers, measurement companies, and data platforms use TVision data to make more informed media decisions, measure performance, produce content that engages audiences, and benchmark their results against competitors. TVision is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Boston and Tokyo.

About DV

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