TVision Audiences in LiveRamp Gives Marketers Power to Target Based on Linear and CTV Viewing Behaviors

Audiences powered by TVision’s first-party TV viewership and attention data are now available for digital and CTV activation.

Today TVision, the company measuring every second of TV and CTV viewer engagement, introduces Audiences, including over 400 syndicated and custom audience segments in LiveRamp's Data Marketplace that allow marketers to easily target consumers based on viewing behavior, down to the app, network, genre and show levels. It’s now possible for marketers to extend campaign reach by targeting specific viewing audiences. 

Marketers know that their core audiences tightly align with specific genres and even specific CTV programming. But the CTV walled gardens and shifting linear and CTV viewing behaviors make it difficult for marketers to identify and reach these audiences. 

"At TVision we capture every second of TV and CTV viewing behavior, and break through the walled gardens to understand how and what people watch," explains Tristan Webster, Senior Vice president of Product & Operations at TVision. "By making these segments available in the LiveRamp Data Marketplace, marketers are able to find Cord Cutters and reach viewers of particular programs - such as Netflix's popular "Stranger Things" -  across their digital and CTV activations."

 TVision offers 450+ audience segments based on Linear and CTV viewing,  including pre-defined segments for:

  • The most popular TV and CTV programming
  • Heavy sports viewers;
  • Cord-cutters and CTV-only viewers;
  • Tentpole events such as the Oscars, The Masters, or the Emmys;


As the election season approaches, it is notable that TVision also offers political segments. Within LiveRamp marketers can find segments such as “Engaged Democrats” and “EngagedRepublicans”, which, as an example, are viewers who identify as Republican and watch Fox News. 

About TVision 

TVision provides second-by-second, person-level data about how people watch TV – who’s watching, what they’re watching, and how much attention they are paying to both linear and streaming TV. Advertisers, agencies, networks, streaming content providers, measurement companies, and data platforms use TVision data to make more informed media decisions, measure performance, produce content that engages audiences, and benchmark their results against competitors. TVision is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Boston and Tokyo.

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