TVision and Upwave Unveil "The Impact of Attention on Brand Lift" Report To Gauge How Attention Impacts Brand Outcomes and Metrics

Study Showing a 1:1 Correlation Between Attention and Brand Lift Gives Marketers Another Variable to Influence Positive Impact on Their Campaign's Success

TVision, the company measuring every second of TV and CTV viewer engagement, and Upwave, the leading analytics platform for brand advertising, today announced a preferred partnership and unveiled their joint study "The Impact of Attention on Brand Lift." This study from TVision and Upwave is the first of its kind to prove a 1:1 correlation between viewer Attention and important brand KPIs, such as Brand Awareness. 

"The market has spoken and declared TVision is the leader in TV Attention data, and Upwave, the leader in measuring TV brand lift. So this partnership will make TV advertisers quite pleased. As they invest more in measuring Attention, they'll now clearly see how it drives what they truly desire: Brand outcomes that persuade their consumers and move them down the purchase funnel," said Chris Kelly, CEO of Upwave.

Challenge with Attention and Brand Lift 

In today's market, advertisers and the TV industry alike are intrigued by Attention data and keen for hard insights into how Attention impacts brand outcomes. In addition, they are eager to measure TV Attention comparably to digital and want to know what brand outcomes they can expect when they optimize TV ads for Attention.

In a 2020 study conducted by Forrester Consulting, more than 50% of US marketers said they plan to use Attention metrics to understand brand lift, drive more sales, test creativity, and demonstrate media value. The following year, industry group The Attention Council, reported that the number of advertisers using Attention metrics to measure media quality increased by 34%. Furthermore, TVision’s data shows that the TV ad industry averages just 37% Attention. A slight improvement in Ad Attention can significantly impact outcomes that advertisers measure - like Aided Awareness and Ad Recall outlined in this report. 

Key Findings

Here are some of the main findings from The Impact of Attention on Brand Lift report:

  • There is a 1:1 correlation between TV Viewer Attention and Brand Lift. For every percentage point increase in Viewer Attention to high-frequency ads, there is close to a 1% corresponding lift in Aided Awareness. 
  • This means, a campaign reaching 100M people, earning 38% Attention instead of 34% Attention, will result in nearly 4M additional people who think of the brand when thinking about the industry.
  • The study also reports a similar correlation between Ad Attention and Ad Recall. 
  • For advertisers looking to improve their brand performance, one of the ways is to optimize campaigns for Attention. 

"Advertisers know that ads work best when people pay Attention. But just how important is Attention to achieving desired business outcomes? Our study with Upwave shows that even small optimizations to increase ad Attention make a big impact on marketing metrics that drive results - including aided awareness and ad recall," said Yan Liu, CEO of TVision. “Marketers can make progress towards achieving their specific brand goals by leveraging the combined power of TVision and Upwave solutions.”

Report Methodology

For the report methodology, TVision and Upwave conducted a linear regression analysis of over forty campaigns across verticals such as Finance, CPG, QSR, Auto, Retail, Telecom, and Pharma  between  Q42019 and Q12022. 

TVision metrics focused on Ad Attention, measuring how effectively an ad holds viewer Attention. Ad Attention is calculated as the percentage of all ad impressions in which the viewer looked at the TV screen for two or more seconds. In addition, Upwave metrics focused on Aided Awareness, the brands that come to mind when thinking of a product or industry category once prompted, and Ad Recall, the brand(s) a consumer remembers seeing an ad for when asked about it.

"When advertisers are considering a new metric, they want to know that it impacts the key KPIs they care about. In this first large-scale study of its kind, Upwave and TVision have proven the correlation between Attention and brand lift across dozens of studies. Quantifying the impact in this way will give advertisers more confidence when looking at Attention for their TV campaigns," said Jim Warner, CTO of Upwave.

For more information, and to download the report, please visit, where you can also register for TVision and Upwave’s joint webinar scheduled for August 17, 2022 at 1 pm ET.

About TVision

TVision provides second-by-second, person-level data about how people watch TV – who’s watching, what they’re watching, and how much attention they are paying to both linear and streaming TV. Advertisers, agencies, networks, streaming content providers, measurement companies, and data platforms use TVision data to make more informed media decisions, measure performance, produce content that engages audiences, and benchmark their results against competitors. TVision is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Boston and Tokyo.

About Upwave

Upwave is a fast-growing analytics company providing ML-driven brand advertising measurement technology and intelligence, via a SaaS platform, to the world's leading brands, agencies, and media partners. The company is based in San Francisco and New York and backed by leading Silicon Valley venture capital investors. Learn more at

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