The IAB's CTV Ad Creative Report Features New Data on Ad Frequency from TVision

As CTV advertising increases in popularity,  the industry is working to coalesce around best practices in terms of creative strategy, ad formats, media planning, and campaign measurement. The IAB's excellent report CTV Creative Best Practices includes numerous best practices from leading brands like Nissan, Pringles, and BJ's Wholesale Club, plus data and insights from TVision and other measurement providers. 

At TVision we were happy to contribute our research on CTV ads and attention to the IAB's best practices guide.  Their report includes data found in The Impact of Repeat Ads on CTV Performance, our latest research that helps advertisers avoid wear-out and find the magic formula for ad lengths on CTV. 

For example, to avoid over-saturation and ad avoidance in CTV, marketers should consider an increased variety of creative, and as the below chart from the report indicates, prioritize shorter ad lengths. CTV wear-out by ad length

New CTV Advertising Research 

Advertisers seeking to optimize their CTV ad plans can find a number of valuable resources here:

TVision's CTV Advertising Report has all the details you need on ad engagement, ad-supported CTV, and strategies for CTV ad impact

TVision's study on The Impact of Repeat Ads on CTV Performance is our analysis of frequency and how repeat ads impact CTV ad attention.

The IAB's CTV Creative Best Practices is a comprehensive examination of CTV advertising success and recommendations from across the industry.

CTV Advertising Report