Scripps' Upfront Presentation Puts Focus on Attention

Congratulations to Scripps Networks on their Upfront presentation yesterday that revealed their network viewership is up 12%.  That growth represents an excellent opportunity for both Scripps and its advertising partners since Scripps continues to deliver a highly engaged audience.   

As advertisers begin their upfront planning, Scripps is using  TVision data to articulate just how well their audience pays attention to programming - an important metric for advertisers seeking to find the most valuable inventory. 

As Jon Marks, Chief Research Officer at Scripps said, “Our viewers are not only a different pool of viewers than cable networks reach, but they are also just more highly attentive as TVision data showed, and so an advertiser can get more mileage impression for impression on our networks than elsewhere in the industry."

You can read recaps of the Scripps Upfront in AdWeek and NextTV.

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