2024 Super Bowl: The Top Ads For Viewer Attention

This year's Super Bowl between The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers was exciting to the end - ending in an overtime win for the Chiefs. 

The game was streamed by more viewers (34%) in 2024 than 2023 (28%.) This accounts for streaming viewing across all apps, including dmvpd and others.


Wherever viewers tuned in to the game, for many, and especially for those of us in the ad industry, the real action takes place during the commercial breaks.  

At TVision, we measure eyes-on-screen attention. We passively observe the viewing behavior of our panelists, to provide a real-world look at who is paying attention, to what content, and for how long. If you are like us and you tuned in to see which Super Bowl ads broke through to capture attention then take a look at our analysis. 

 The 2024 Super Bowl delivered on its promise as TV's biggest event. The TVision Attention Index measures how attentive viewers are when they are in the room. The linear benchmark on the Attention Index is 100, and this year's Super Bowl recorded a 118.4.  VPVH (viewers per viewing household) was 2.1, far outpacing the average for all TV, 1.4.


Celebrity-Ads Stand Out in the Super Bowl

Celebrity-fueled ads kept viewers' eyes-on-screen best, with Jason Momoa (T-Mobile), and J-Lo, Ben, and friends (Dunkin) leading the way. The premise of DoorDash's "DoorDash All the Ads" demanded attention of the audience, and viewers engaged. These five ads registered the highest on the Attention Index. 


The oldest viewers (55+) pay more attention than younger audiences in general, and the Super Bowl is no exception. However this year, viewers aged 18-24 paid almost as much attention as viewers 55+.

SB-Oldest Demo-v2

And of course, Taylor Swift captured the most attention of all. 

SB-TaylorSwift copy-v7