The Story Behind Two Breakthrough Ads in H2 2019

We use cutting-edge technology to measure engagement with TV content and advertising, person-by-person, second-by-second. This allows us to identify which create elements best drive engagement across a variety of demographic breakouts, like age, gender, income, and more. In our recent report covering the second half of 2019, we identified two top-performing commercials from The UPS Store and Apple. Watch how the two ads captured viewer Attention!

H2 2019's Top Ad: The UPS Store

While Ad Attention measures if viewers are in the room, Creative Attention Score (CAS) measures a TV commercial’s ability to grab viewer Attention, as compared to the other content that it runs adjacent to. By this measure, the most effective ad of H2 2019 was The UPS Store's comedic “Part of the Family” ad, which is broken down below. 

Originally released in 2018, the comedic spot features an overly enthusiastic UPS Store employee who follows a family home while listing off the many packing and shipping services UPS offers.

Attention spiked around the seven-second mark, when one of the family members exclaimed that she thought the UPS Store just did shipping, and again at the 13-second point as the employee listed off UPS services during a series of increasingly humorous family events.

After a decrease, Attention rose again as the male partner offered to drive the employee back to the UPS Store—humorously signaling that the family had accepted the employee as one of its own.


How Apple AirPods Captured Attention from High-Income Viewers

A recent Apple AirPods commercial showed an interesting contrast in how different people paid Attention to the ad. Overall, high-income viewers were more likely than others to engage deeply with the commercial.

Our second-by-second analysis shows that Attention spiked among high-income viewers when the ad’s protagonists asked Siri to “play me something new,” even as Attention held relatively flat for everyone else. A similar incident occurred at the 20-second mark, when high-income viewers started to pay closer Attention as the beat dropped in the song accompanying the ad.

The final spike in Attention came at the 27-second mark, with viewers of all income levels heightening their engagement as the AirPods branding came on-screen.


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