Use Attention Data to Maximize the Impact of Every Ad

In our four-part series, Top Tips for Attention, we share tried and true best practices for how to build smarter campaigns and optimize performance using attention metrics. 

In part three of our four part series we explain how marketers can use attention data to increase the impact of every ad.

Attention data can help marketers anticipate and plan for wear-out by understanding overall ad engagement, contextual alignment and second-by-second performance.  

When should a marketer replace this ad?

Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 12.03.13 PM

TVision's data shows that marketer should be ready with new creative once the majority of viewers have been exposed to the ad 11 times. 

Read more in the third installment of our series to learn how to:

  • Match creative with the right programming
  • Maximize the impact of every second of the ad

For more information on how to improve campaign value and performance with attention data, visit our first set of tips on media planning, or our second set of tips on using attention data to best the competition.