The Top Ads for Attention in July 2022

Woolite, Apple, Pop-Tarts and Domino's Delivered Top-Performing Creative in July 2022

When it comes to capturing consumer attention with TV ads, media planning, program performance and creative strength all matter. So how do marketers determine when a creative is really breaking through?  We help marketers identify an ad's creative strength by comparing how well the ad captures attention compared to the other ads that ran in the same pod.

Brands can access and evaluate their Creative Attention Scores for every ad running within their campaigns in TVision's Ad Scoreboard. Our clients find this data helpful for optimizing campaigns in-flight, as they can better understand which ads perform best with key audiences, control for frequency, and avoid ad wear-out.

Woolite produced the top ad overall in June 2022 according to our Creative Attention Score metrics. The ad, "Woolite with Evercare - Specially Formulated" scored 113.4 on the Creative Attention Index with P2+. The average ad scores a 100 on the index. Interestingly, the score for Woolite's ad improved over time, reaching its top Creative Attention Score in week 11. The ad captured attention best on Nick Jr, Up TV, and Hallmark.

Apple iPhones "Relax It's iPhone - Shake" Scored Best with Men in July 

This 30-second ad from Apple shows off the water resistance of iPhone, as the phone's performance stands up to a very wet dog. The ad scored a 115.5 with men, P2+ and tells a relatable story while using catchy music, and attractive elements from the scenery to the actress to keep men's eyes on the screen. The ad debuted in mid-July and posted its highest CAS so far in the first two weeks.  It performed especially well among 18-29 year olds and on ESPN and AMC. 


Pop-Tarts "Bites" is the Top Ad Among Females in July 2022

Pop-Tart's introduces a new snackable version of the family breakfast favorite and found success with Females, with a Creative Attention Score of 111.9. The ad performed especially well on TBS, Adult Swim, and National Geographic, and during the Late Night time period. 


Domino's "More Than Pizza" Tops All Ads for Creative Attention Among 18-34 Year Olds


When it comes to winning the prized 18-34-year-old demo, Domino's topped the list. The audience can be difficult to engage, but Domino's broke through with an introduction to its expanded menu, and a good deal. The ad performed better than average in Late Night, and on TV Land and Oxygen. 


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