The Top Ads for Attention October 2022

The classic toy company LEGO produced the top ads of October 2022, according to TVision Ad Scoreboard, with a clever story that brought viewers into a world only children with LEGOs can create.  Progressive's ad performed best with men,  and Chewy's ad performed best with women.


At TVision, we measure every second of TV and CTV content and ads and report on engagement in our SAAS platform Ad Scoreboard. We used that data to identify the top-performing ads of summer, which we've highlighted below.

In Ad Scoreboard, marketers are able to drill into the performance of their campaigns at the brand level and also analyze the performance of specific ads. Marketers use Ad Scoreboard to evaluate their own engagement and compare it to competitors. With insight into overall Attention and Viewability, as well as the networks, apps, and dayparts that perform best, marketers are able to optimize their campaigns for maximum value. 

Take a look at the videos below to see how the top ads from October 2022 captured viewer Attention second-by-second. We ranked these ads based on Creative Breakthrough Score. Creative Breakthrough Score measures how well an ad captures attention compared to other ads that run in the same pod. It is a strong measure of an ad's creative impact.

Top Overall Ad for October 2022 According to TVision's Ad Scoreboard - P2+, All Demos - LEGO "Rebuild the World"

Creative Breakthrough Score - 111.8 

The Top Ad for Creative Breakthrough Score, according to TVision's Ad Scoreboard comes from LEGO and is part of its Rebuild the World global campaign celebrating LEGO's 90th anniversary. The ad first appeared in September 2022.  The ad is unique compared to other ads as there is virtually no discernable dialog. It plays to the nostalgic feelings of viewers who grew up building (and rebuilding) imaginary worlds with LEGO. The ad also uses music and sound effects to keep the viewer engaged. 

The LEGO ad aired across the major broadcast networks and large cable providers, outperforming the network ad attention averages for 8 of the top ten networks where it aired most.  It's 48.2% Ad Attention* on ABC is 8.4% higher than the average ad on that network.  Most of the ads ran in the Prime daypart and it outperformed in that daypart by 7.1% for Ad Attention.  Ad Attention measures the percent of potential viewers (people in the room when the ad aired) who paid attention to the ad for at least 2 seconds. 

Top Overall Ad for October 2022 According to TVision's Ad Scoreboard - Men -  P2+ - Progressive, "Dr. Rick: Voicemail"

Creative Breakthrough Score - 111.4 

The Top Ad for Creative Breakthrough Score among Men in October, comes from Progressive. The insurance brand's 30-second spot, "Dr. Rick: Voicemail",  is from the popular ad campaign "Don't Be Like Your Parents".  Ad impressions for this ad are evenly dispersed across a wide variety of networks. It captured 44.1% Ad Attention* on Fox, which is 6.2% higher than the norm for that channel.  It also performed well on ESPN at 41% Ad Attention and outperformed with men ages 40-59, overall.



Top Overall Ad for October 2022 According to TVision's Ad Scoreboard - Women -  P2+ - Chewy, "Chewy Chatty Pets: Giorgio and Ralph | Pet Prescriptions"

Creative Breakthrough Score - 110.4

The Top Ad for Creative Breakthrough Score in October 2022, according to TVision's Ad Scoreboard comes from Chewy  -  "Chewy Chatty Pets: Giorgio and Ralph | Pet Prescriptions." The ad is part of Chewy's #ChewyChattyPets campaign and has been in market since February 2022. The ad features the loveable Giorgio and Ralph who notice the Chewy box on the doorstep and understand that means peanut butter! This ad has been in market for several months. Over the last few months, a large percentage of impressions have gone to CBS, where it notches a strong 42.5% Ad Attention*, 3,2% over the average performance for the network.  At 37.2% ad attention among 30-39 years olds, the ad is performing +2.9% compared to how well other advertisers capture attention with that age group. 





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