The Top Ads for Attention July - September 2022

Insurance companies Progressive and Liberty Mutual, and Walmart produced the top ads of the last three months, according to TVision's Creative Breakthrough Score 


The top-attention-grabbing ads of the past three months came from some of the country's largest advertisers. The insurance giant Progressive notched the top ad overall with its catchy, upbeat and musical "Lucky Larry's Landscaping" creative. 

At TVision, we measure every second of TV and CTV content and ads and report on engagement in our SAAS platform Ad Scoreboard. We used that data to identify the top-performing ads of summer, which we've highlighted below.

In Ad Scoreboard, marketers are able to drill into the performance of their campaigns at the brand level and also analyze the performance of specific ads. Marketers use Ad Scoreboard to evaluate their own engagement and compare it to competitors. With insight into overall Attention and Viewability, as well as the networks, apps, and dayparts that perform best, marketers are able to optimize their campaigns for maximum value. 

Take a look at the videos below to see how the top ads from July - September 2022 captured viewer Attention second-by-second. 

The top ad for Ad Attention over the past three months is creative from Progressive that first appeared over a year ago - "Lucky Larry's Landscaping." The ad shows no signs of wear-out, with the last ten weeks notching above-average creative breakthrough scores and overall ad attention at or above the industry average of 37%.  The ad captured an impressive 109.3 with audiences P2+ on our Creative Breakthrough analysis. Creative Breakthrough compares an ad's ability to grab audience attention compared to other ads that ran in the same pod. The ad's catchy song and dance, kept the viewer engaged throughout, with peaks in attention at the story's climax. Progressive had the ad in heavy rotation on MSNBC and on Daytime, where it over-performed norms, driving up its overall attention scores. 


Liberty Mutual's "LiMu Emu and Doug: Bowling" is the Top Ad With Men

The ad that captured Attention best from men in the time period comes from Liberty Mutual's popular and successful campaign "LiMu Emu and Doug." The "Bowling" spot registered a 113 Creative Breakthrough Score with men.  The ad was in heavy rotation on the major broadcast networks, and ESPN and also captured attention especially well on Fox News and with 40-49 year-olds. Its Share Index with men was 106, suggesting that Liberty Mutual is targeting men with this ad, and its high Attention scores with the demo prove its success. If you're interested in the performance of insurance advertisers, be sure to check out our recent Insurance Industry Spotlight


Walmart's "Gas Prices" Ad is Top with Women from July- September 2022

 Given the high costs at the pumps this summer and fall, it's not too surprising that Walmart's clever creative that focuses on saving money on gas broke through with budget-conscious women. The ad's Attention builds as the actors go through a series of steps to save money - culminating with squeezing into a carpool. Walmart used a smart media strategy, investing most impressions in weeks 8-9 when Ad Attention was near its high, and decreasing impressions as Attention began to wear out. The ad captured Attention best on NBC and in Primetime.  Brands interested in monitoring ad wear in and wear can do that within our Ad Scoreboard platform, which reports on weekly Attention trends. 


Progressive's "Hammergency" Captures Attention of 25-34 Year-Olds.

Capturing attention from the hard-to-engage 25-34-year-old-audience is tough, and we typically see lower overall Creative Breakthrough for this age group, but if anyone can do it Jon Hamm can! The humorous Progressive ad features Hamm setting up an elaborate fake scene to get some time with the famous Flo, who has no interest in Hamm. Hamm's charm and wit, but also Flo's presence drove eyes-on-screen to the ad. With heavy rotation across the major broadcast networks and in Primetime and Prime Access, the ad benefitted from high-Attention environments. 


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