The Top Ads for Attention June - August 2022

Streaming Apps Disney+ and YouTube TV, as well as Apple iPhone and Geico produced the ads that captured attention best this summer. 


As reported in Media Post, the top -attention-grabbing ads of the summer combined creative story-telling, compelling offers and product placement with smart media planning to engage audiences best.

At TVision, we measure every second of TV and CTV content and ads and report on engagement in our SAAS platform Ad Scoreboard. We used that data to identify the top-performing ads of summer, which we've highlighted below.

In Ad Scoreboard marketers are able to drill into the performance of their campaigns at the brand level, and also analyze the performance of specific ads. Marketers use Ad Scoreboard to evaluate their own engagement and compare it to competitors. With insight into overall attention and viewability, creative engagement, and the networks, apps, and dayparts that deliver attention best, marketers are able to optimize their campaigns for maximum value. 

Take a look at the second-by-second attention for the top ads of Summer 2022. 

Drumroll please... 

The top ad for Ad Attention this summer was Disney's ad promoting a specially priced bundle of Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. The ad captured an impressive 110.7 on our Creative Breakthrough analysis. Creative Breakthrough compares an ad's ability to grab audience attention compared to other ads that ran in the same pod. Disney's use of well known movie and TV characters, plus recognizable sports figures was a clear winner and captured viewers' eyes-on-screen attention. 


Geico's "Green Hawk" is the Top Ad of the Summer With Men

With a 107.4 Creative Breakthrough, this clever ad from Geico premiered in August.  Viewers were clearly intrigued by the storyline as Attention to this ad peaks at 17 seconds when the voice over begins, "If you have a secret identity."


Apple iPhone's "Edge" is the Top Ad of the Summer with Women

 Part of Apple's "Relax, It's iPhone" campaign, which landed the top ad for male viewers last month, this ad "Edge" was top with women with a Creative Breakthrough of 110.6. The ad shows the phone precariously ringing on the edge of the table. Attention peaks at 26 seconds just when the phone drops to the ground. "Relax, it's iPhone," flashes on the screen. 



Youtube TV's "Less than Cable" Ad Tops All Ads for Creative Breakthrough Among 18-34-Year-Olds

Capturing attention from the hard-to-engage 18-34-year-old-audience is tough, and we typically see lower overall Creative Breakthrough for this age group. YouTube TV performed best this summer with its ad featuring young people, and all the ways they can repurpose savings by cutting the cord. 


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