Tune-in Analysis: All Eyes on Shark Week

How More Attention Leads to More Tune-In and Viewer Engagement

Compared to the precise tracking data available for measuring online ad effectiveness, television ads have always been judged more by assumptions than analytics. With greater demands for attribution and ROI than ever before, programmers and marketers want to sink their teeth into real data.


To measure the effectiveness of Shark Week promotions. Were viewers watching the ads? And if so, were they actually tuning in to one or more programs during Shark Week?


By leveraging state-of-the-art computer vision technology, TVision Insights was able to shed light on how Discovery Channel’s promotional ads impacted tune-in, viewer attention, and Shark Week engagement.

  • Attention to Shark Week ads led to a 68% lift in tune-in. TVision determined that 15% of viewers who paid attention to Shark Week ads for 3 seconds or more later tuned in to Shark Week programs. This rate was 68% higher than the natural tune-in rate of 9%.
  • The more attention paid to the ads, the more attention paid to the programs. Those who engaged with Shark Week ads for more than 3 seconds had a much higher Attention Index to Shark Week once they tuned in.
  • More attention led viewers to watch more Shark Week programs. Those who paid attention to Shark Week ads for 3 seconds or more watched 46% more Shark Week programs than viewers who paid less than 3 seconds of attention to promo ads.

Viewers with higher eyes-on-screen attention to ads are more likely to tune in, stay engaged, and watch related programs. Armed with this data, networks can measure the effectiveness of their promos, down to the second, and use it to plan and increase awareness of upcoming programs.

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Attention Index: Index of the amount of time that viewers actively look at the television screen.

Natural Tune-In Rate: Rate of tune-in without a viewer paying 3+ seconds of attention to a promo ad.

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