TV of Tomorrow: Focus on Attention

Yesterday at TV of Tomorrow in San Francisco, our CEO Yan Liu joined a panel of experts in attention measurement to discuss the role attention can play in measuring TV, CTV and comparing cross-platform engagement.  The panel was moderated by Helen Katz of Publicis Media and included, Marc Guldiman of Adelaide, John Brauer of Effectv, Todd Tran from Teads and Julian Zilderbrand from Paramount.

Here are six key take-aways from the conversation:

  1. Viewer Attention is Fleeting, so Attention Measurement is Here to Stay - We all recognize that attention spans are getting shorter - we have more devices at hand, and more distractions available. But while attention spans are getting shorter, that only makes it harder for media companies and advertisers to capture attention - in turn making it more valuable. Because attention is so valuable, it needs to be measured. 

  2. Technology Advancements Will Keep Attention Metrics at the Forefront - Advances in technology to enable measurement outside of the lab and in live environments allow the industry to measure attention at scale, making it more accurate, more relevant, and more insightful. 

  3. Attention Has a Role in Media Planning and Optimization - While there are implications for attention as a currency, especially in digital, the panel agreed that in the near-term Attention is an input that can help media planners optimize their campaigns to improve overall value. Attention data is an important metric that co-exists with other planning tools and inputs - such as first-party data. 

  4. Attention Impacts Marketing-Funnel Metrics - Advertisers are focused on the relationship, and direct correlation, between Ad Attention and marketing-funnel metrics such as brand awareness and ad recall. TVision’s recent study with Upwave uncovered a 1:1 correlation between Attention and brand KPIs. Here are links to read the study and watch the webinar. 

  5. Attention Sets a Baseline for Creative - Creative teams are less inclined to use data and metrics to inform creative strategies. While it’s true that the best creative is art that requires powerful story-telling and imagery, there is still a need for minimum attention thresholds to determine whether creative will be effective in market. 

  6. Cross-Platform Attention Measurement Allows Advertisers to Understand Relative Value - The panelists agreed, and studies support, that people pay more attention to TV than digital video, social video and other inputs, so the value of that attention must be quantified in an apples-to-apples way. Attentive CPM (aCPM) enables advertisers to compare the relative value of a TV ad spot to a digital video spot.

It was a great conversation, and it’s exciting to see the topic given so much attention from TV and media industry leaders at TV of Tomorrow. What were your key-takeaways from the conversation? 

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