TVision Announces New Platform for TV Campaign Attention

NEW YORK, April 11, 2019 -- TVision today announced its new TV Engagement Metrics Platform - making campaign and ad-level metrics available for brand marketers. For the first time ever, second-by-second TV attention and attention data is now available — just in time for 2019 Upfront season.

According to a recent study from the IPG Media Lab, "Quantifying TV Attention," 29% of TV advertising is not viewable. The report showed that a large percentage of TV ads air to an empty room, creating an industry problem similar to digital attention.

"The way we measure ad campaigns across digital and linear environments must get more closely aligned, especially as we continue to see consumers seamlessly move with content across screens and devices," said Brian Hughes, Executive Vice President, Audience Intelligence & Strategy at Magna. "We now have the opportunity to bring TV measurement one step closer to other video and brand standards."

TVision Product Screenshot - Campaign Measurement

TVision's new solution measures what was once unmeasurable — how people really watch TV. By better understanding their TV campaigns at the second-by-second level, brands can finally optimize their media for TV attention and attention, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their investments.

In addition to true campaign measurement, the TVision Performance Metrics Platform uncovers insights into media planning, creative analysis and competitive intelligence. As the industry prepares for Upfront season, brands are now making better investment decisions across channels, programs, dayparts, and more. These new, real-time engagement metrics are providing marketers with the means to bring their digital data-driven marketing strategies to TV.

While brand advertisers use the TVision platform to plan, measure and optimize their TV investments to increase their ROI, TVision also meets the needs of TV networks and OTT providers. With TVision, media sellers can now validate their premium TV content, enabling them to better meet the needs of their advertiser clients.

"With better data, we can understand what keeps viewers in-room and engaged," said Howard Shimmel, President of Janus Strategy & Insights and former Chief Research Officer of Turner Broadcasting. "When we create a better viewing environment that drives more engaged viewers, networks and advertisers win, improving the value of premium inventory. We also have an important new solution that can help decompose TV attribution, and to be used in planning and buying to optimize campaigns."

"TV measurement has long been incomplete and attention has been a big missing piece," explains Luke McGuinness, President of TVision. "As both media buyers and sellers become increasingly data-driven, there is demand for data that will bridge the gap between an ad running and a conversion event — better explaining why some TV campaigns work and others do not. Brands that use TVision have seen significant results: increased store visits, lowered customer acquisition costs, and greater conversions. These results matter, and I'm excited for even more brands to start leveraging our new platform."

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